The Algae-Based Multivitamin Specially Formulated For Men

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Thoughtfully Formulated For Optimal Men's Health

Omega-3 supplements help support overall well-being - from internal health functions like the brain, eyes and heart - to external benefits like healthy hair, skin, and nails.

What many people are unaware of is that fish don’t naturally produce Omega-3s - rather they obtain it from algae, the original & most potent source of Omega-3. At iwi, we go straight to the source to provide the best supplements available for your health.

To create our new iwi Men's Multivitamin, we've taken Almega®PL, our proprietary form of algae Omega-3 that offers 50% better absorption than fish or krill oil1 and has been clinically shown to increase vigor2, and added in a little extra. With a blend of the most bioavailable forms of vitamins and minerals, as well as fenugreek to improve healthy testosterone levels, and chromium to help regulate metabolism, this multivitamin was specially formulated to boost overall men's wellness.

Better living begins with your healthiest self, better living begins within, better living begins with iwi!

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The Benefits Of Algae-Based Omega-3s


While fish oil supplements pose the risk of possible contaminants and heavy metals that may have been present in the fish they were sourced from, iwi algae-based Omega-3 supplements are 100% Vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Algae is also the original and most potent form of Omega-3, both fish and krill obtain their Omega-3’s second-hand, from eating algae.

Sourcing Omega-3's from algae eliminates over-fishing and the disruption of ocean ecosystems, the risk of contaminants, and results in higher bioavailability.

iwi Omega-3 supplements are clinically proven to provide 50% more absorption than fish or krill oil Omega-3s. But why? And what does this actually mean? iwi's Nannochloropsis algae oil is the only known source in the world that is available in a polar lipid form, with both phospholipids and glycolipids, thus making it highly soluble in water and easily absorbed by the human body. Whereas fish oil (available in triglyceride form only) and krill oil (with phospholipids) both lack this water solubility, and thus the human body is capable of absorbing very little of it as compared to iwi algae-based Omega-3. This means your body is able to absorb more, and reap the most Omega-3 benefits, when you take iwi.


Sustainably Sourced & Better For Our Planet


For minimum environmental impact, iwi algae is grown on sustainable & environmentally friendly farms located on arid, previously unused land in the desert regions of New Mexico & Texas. In place of freshwater, the farms use saltwater obtained from underground aquifers in the regions. Over 97% of said saltwater is recycled and the remaining percentage is lost only to evaporation. These algae farms consume CO2 and release oxygen, and the majority of the energy is solar and renewable. While the fish oil supplement industry contributes to over-fishing of herring and krill, and the disruption of delicate ocean ecosystems, iwi was founded on the premise that people should be able to reap the benefits of nature without doing any harm to the environment.



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