The Plant-Based Secret To A Healthy Immune System

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Strong Immunity Begins With A Tiny, Natural Wonder

Strong immunity begins with a tiny, natural wonder: algae. Studies show that consuming omega-3 fatty acids can help to support a healthy immune system response. Omega-3 fatty acids, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) in particular, are important constituents of immune cell membranes. They serve as precursors for cell signaling molecules that help to modulate immune response and immune-related inflammatory responses. Thus supporting the activation of the immune cell.

EPA Omega-3 supplements are most commonly taken in the form of fish oil, but what most people don’t know is that fish don’t naturally produce Omega-3 fatty acids - rather they obtain it from algae, the original source. Algae provides the most potent & bioavailable source of omega-3 fatty acids, and we’re able to source it via sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods. By harnessing the power of iwi, you’ll get better nutrition to protect, activate, and repair your immune system.

Nourish what’s inside, because better living begins within.

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Why iwi Algae-Based Supplements Are Better For You Than Fish Oil

Both fish and krill actually get their Omega-3’s from algae - algae is the original source. So not only does sourcing Omega-3 from algae eliminate overfishing & the disruption of ocean ecosystems, but it also results in higher bioavailability.

iwi Omega-3 offers 50% more absorption than fish or krill oil Omega-3s - But why? And what does this actually mean? The reason for our higher absorption rate is because our Nannochloropsis algae oil is the only known source in the world that is available in a polar lipid form, with both phospholipids and glycolipids, making it highly soluble in water and easily absorbed by the human body. Whereas fish oil (available in triglyceride form only) and krill oil (with phospholipids) both lack this water solubility, and thus the human body is capable of absorbing very little of it as compared to iwi algae-based Omega-3.


Our Mission

iwi was founded on the premise that people should be able to reap the benefits of nature without doing any harm to the environment. Our goal is to provide a new, sustainable approach to nutrition and food cultivation; to feed our global community while protecting our planet. We put our customers – and our world – at the center of everything that we do. iwi exists to help you live better from the inside out, because better living begins within.


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