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The most powerful Omega-3 on the planet. Also the best Omega-3 for the planet.



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The challenge: your body requires true omega-3 in the forms of EPA and DHA. Foods like flax, chia, and walnuts provide another form, ALA, that your body tries to convert into the good stuff, but science shows that, at best, we can convert 8% of that ALA into true omega-3. We need EPA and DHA for our eyes, our hearts, our brains, and our joints. Most supplements are made from fish…but guess where the fish get it? The solution is algae. iwi uses algae grown sustainably which delivers real EPA and DHA, no conversion needed…and no disruption of the ocean, either.

  • iwi Omega-3 Mini's - Vegan
  • iwi Omega-3 Mini's - Non GMO, Certified By NSF
  • iwi Omega-3 Mini's - Gluten Free
  • iwi Omega-3 Mini's - No Metals & Contaminants
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Benefits of iwi Omega-3
  • Heart Health
    Heart Health
    Protect what keeps you going: EPA is the Omega-3 fatty acid most associated with heart health. Nourish your heart with iwi and get more out of life.
  • Nervous System
    Nervous System
    Your nerves need enough DHA omega-3 to be able to properly communicate. Help your nervous system stay in balance with iwi algae Omega-3.
  • Bone and Joint Health
    Bone and Joint Health
    Strengthen your foundation by adding iwi algae Omega-3 to your routine. Omega-3s are needed for your bones to properly store calcium and are needed to keep your joints lubricated and flexible.
  • eye health
    Eye Health
    DHA omega-3 is needed by the retina in your eye to adjust to different lighting conditions. Look out for your eyes by nourishing them with the healthy fats in iwi algae Omega-3.
iwi life Omega-3 benefits

why is iwi life better?

Contains Omega-3 DHA + EPA
Highest Absorption from AlmegaPL®️
Krill and Fish Free
Ocean Friendly
Plant Based + Vegan
Contains Chlorophyll
Krill Oil
Fish oil
Plant oils*

*Plant sources such as flax, hemp, chia, and ahiflower contain a short-chain precursor to true Omega-3 called ALA. They do not provide true DHA and EPA like algae does.

Omega 3 iwi life Omega-3 softgel
Omega 3 minis iwi life Omega-3 Minis softgel
ingredients 100% transparent

We’re 100% transparent with what’s in iwi. Learn more about the range of ingredients that power our community by digging into the active ingredients, their benefits and how we source them.

  • Sustainable Sustainable
  • Vegan Vegan
  •  Non-GMO Non-GMO
  •  No Cruelty No Cruelty
  •  Algae Grown in the USA Algae Grown in the USA
  •  Science-based Science-based

Percent daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet

† Daily value not established


Omega-3: 150MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 150MG | † DAILY VALUE


EPA is a long-chain Omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for normal heart health, joint function, and immune response.


Omega-3: 100MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 100MG | † DAILY VALUE


Required for growth and development. The central nervous system, brain, and retina rely heavily on DHA during growth.


Omega-3: 5MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 5MG | † DAILY VALUE


Unsaturated fatty acids that help support your health


Omega-3: 30MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 30MG | † DAILY VALUE


Natural ingredient of our Almega®PL formula


Omega-3: 54MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 54MG | † DAILY VALUE


An unsaturated fatty acid (specifically palmitoleic acid) that helps support heart health


Omega-3: 15MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 15MG | † DAILY VALUE


An unsaturated fatty acid that helps support heart health


Omega-3: 90MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 90MG | † DAILY VALUE


An emulsifier that helps maximize the uptake of nutrients into the body.


Omega-3: 9MG | † DAILY VALUE Omega-3 Minis: 9MG | † DAILY VALUE


Chlorophyll is the green compound naturally found in plants that photosynthesize. It is used as a nutritional supplement and is thought to help nourish the blood, promote gut health, and to support normal immune function. It is also a natural antioxidant which supports stability of our algae oil.

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frequently asked questions
Do I need omega-3 if I take other vitamins?
Good question! Omega-3 fats, like vitamins, are nutritional compounds that our bodies require every day, but we can’t make them ourselves. We have to obtain them from either food or supplements. They are a separate category of nutrition from vitamins, minerals, or herbs. The general recommendation is that anyone eating less than 3 ounces of wild-caught fatty fish (like salmon, mackerel, or anchovies) three times per week might need to add a daily omega-3 supplement.
Why are these milligram amounts lower than fish oil? Is this enough?
This is a common question! Because nearly all of the clinical research on omega-3s has used fish oil, the recommended daily amounts are based on how much fish oil is needed to create benefits. Since iwi’s algae omega-3 is far more bioavailable than fish or krill oil, our milligram amounts don’t need to be as high for you to achieve your health goals!
How does this product contain cholesterol? I thought only animal products contain cholesterol.
Many of us thought the same thing! When we think of plants, we think of the green guys that grow on the ground with roots, stems, and leaves--and none of them make cholesterol, it’s true. When you get into the tiny plants like microalgae, it turns out that they can make a tiny bit of good cholesterol. Algae are fascinating! The good news is that iwi’s proprietary Almega PL* product has been clinically tested and shown to support healthy cholesterol levels in the human body.
Can I take this formula if I’m taking other iwi products, like the Multi, Brain, or Joint?
Yes! iwi formulas are made to be stacked. Create the custom routine that helps you meet your health goals faster by layering the nutrition in iwi’s focused formulas.
Can’t I just eat fish to get my omega-3s?
Fish are certainly the most famous source of omega-3 EPA and DHA, but guess what? Fish don’t make it themselves--they borrow it from algae! In addition to being able to “cut out the middle fish,” many consumers are making conscious choices about what they eat, whether it’s from an environmental standpoint, or concern over microplastics, mercury, and lead in ocean fish. In addition, since fish obtain their EPA and DHA omega-3 from algae, farmed fish does not contain much of these essential fats. Be sure that your brain, heart, eyes, and joints get what they need by adding iwi to your supplement routine.
I already take chlorella and spirulina. Don’t they give me the same nutrition as iwi?
We love to see it--another algae super-fan! Chlorella and spirulina are wonderful sources of nutrition. However, they do not contain DHA or EPA, which is what makes iwi so unique and valuable as a source of algae-based nutrition.
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