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frequently asked questions

Can I take multiple iwi life products in the same day, like the Multi, Brain, and Joint?

Yes! iwi life formulas are made to be stacked. Create the custom routine that helps you meet your health goals faster by layering the nutrition in iwi life’s focused formulas.

What are some popular product bundles?

Here are some products that our customers love taking together:

Eye + Brain

Heart + Men's Multi or Women's Multi

Heart + DHA

Can I stack bundles with coupons or promotions?

Because these bundles already give you a great discount, no other sales or promotions will apply to the purchase of these bundles. However, iwi life Loyalty Points can be applied--great news for iwi life super-fans!

Can I subscribe to my bundle?

We love how you think! We are working to make this an option in the near future.