Planet-Based Nutrition

All of our algae-based Omega-3 products are 100% vegan, sustainable, non-GMO with higher absorption than similar fish-based supplements.


The ultimate source of Omega-3s.



Research has proven that Omega-3s support cardiovascular health, a balanced mood, and healthy brain development. But, how do you know which is the best Omega-3 path to take?





Most conventional Omega-3 supplements derive their contents from fish or krill – hence “fish oil pills.”. The way we see it, fish and krill get their Omega-3s from algae, so why not go straight to the source? The result is a potent line of algae- based Omega-3 products that are easier for your body to absorb than Omega-3s sourced from krill and fish. And, they’re 100% vegan and non-GMO.

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