Good For People & The Planet

Our algae farms are set in the desert of West Texas and southern New Mexico, where there is plenty of sunshine and brackish water. We’ve turned this previously unused land into thriving algae farms that have the potential to feed and nourish millions of people.

Our algae farms yield more essential protein per acre and per gallon of water than traditional plant or animal-based farming.

We’re at the forefront of advancing science to discover new ways to feed our planet. Today, we’re domesticating one algae crop– but who knows what other produce is hidden in our oceans?

Feeding the World
with Saltwater

Traditional farming requires precious freshwater to grow produce—but our farm is anything but traditional. Instead, we use water what no other farm on the planet can use: saltwater. And we don’t stop there. We recycle our saltwater, reusing 97%+ of the water that goes through our harvest system.

Our Oceans

By farming our algae on land, we protect the ocean's precious ecosystems by leaving the fish and krill where they belong: in our seas.

Krill are a key ally in our fight against global warming, consuming the microalgae that capture atmospheric carbon, later excreting it into the depths where it is stored naturally in sediment.

By not farming fish or krill for our Omega-3s, we are leaving vital nourishment in the ocean’s food chain, protecting many species such as whales, seals, fish, and seabirds that depend on these stocks for survival.

A Farming Revolution

The algae crop from our farms do not require precious freshwater or an abundance of rich soil—all we need is sunshine, desert land and saltwater to produce our nutrient-dense algae.

Compared to traditional pea farming, iwi algae cultivation produces 300 times the number of amino-acids per acre, making this an incredibly environmentally sustainable farming business.

As we continue to grow, our farming revolution will not only help to power and feed the planet, it’ll protect it, too.

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