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better for your body because it’s grown in the sun

Let’s dive deeper into omega-3: fish get their EPA and DHA from eating algae, and the fish store it in their bodies as triglycerides. When we take fish oil, we get that EPA and DHA delivered in the triglyceride form, which is meant for storage.

When Nannochloropsis algae is grown in the sun, this tiny plant powerhouse makes omega-3 for structure, not storage. This is the polar lipid form that delivers the highest omega-3 absorption in the human body.

absorption matters

Human clinical science performed by an independent 3rd-party lab (KAGAN ET AL) demonstrates that Omega-3 from AlmegaPL* offers 1.7x the absorption rate of fish oil, krill, and other algae oils. This confirms the enhanced bioavailability of our unique algae-sourced Omega-3.