5 reasons why iwi life will transform your health and the planet

Fun Fact: the human body needs Omega-3 fatty acids to thrive at its healthiest. But we don’t produce these naturally; we have to absorb Omega-3s through food or supplements. Most people are surprised to learn that fish and krill don't make Omega-3s: algae is the original source.

At iwi life, we’ve reinvented the way you receive omegas with our sustainably sourced algae-based supplements. Here are 5 key reasons why iwi life Omega-3s are an unmatched health boosting powerhouse:

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clinically shown superior absorption

Our patented form of Omega-3 delivers up to 1.7x the nutrient absorption of fish, krill, and other algae oils. This means when you choose iwi life, you’ll be receiving 70% more nutritional benefits than you would with typical Omega-3 supplements or food sources. That’s a whole lot of plant power. 


nourish your heart, brain, and body

Omega-3s are needed by your body for normal heart function. Plus, your brain requires plenty of Omega-3s for clear cognitive function, and your eyes need Omega-3s to adjust to different levels of light. Our powerful vegan supplements nourish all of your body’s cells, from head to toe.


better for the environment

Typical fish and krill oil supplements can cause massive ecosystem disruption, not to mention excessive waste and “by-catch” sea life killings. Our fish-free Omega-3s come 100% from algae. This means nourishing your body without wreaking havoc on ocean habitats. Plus, our algae is sustainably sun-grown in the USA by us on our own future farms. We utilize eco-conscious farming methods that minimize energy and resource waste.


stronger bones & joints

Support your musculoskeletal health with iwi life. Omega-3s are needed by your body to store calcium in your bones. Plus, Omega-3s play an important part in a balanced inflammatory response.


powered by renewable energy

The algae in iwi life supplements is sustainably farmed in the USA by us. Our plants are grown entirely outdoors using natural solar power. We believe in eco-conscious farming methods that minimize energy and resource waste.

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