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At iwi life, we make Omega-3s for everyone: for vegans, for plant-forward eaters, for environmentalists, and for evidence-based shoppers.
And now, for every budget.
Introducing three new products made with innovative techniques that make algae-sourced true Omega-3s easier on your wallet.

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benefits of daily use


Omega-3 EPA and DHA play critical roles in heart health


DHA Omega-3 is the main fat found in the human brain


Omega-3s are important for both the innate and adaptive immune systems


Support joint comfort and function with true Omega-3s

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We deliver true Omega-3 EPA and DHA from algae. Guess what? Our vegan supplements are absorbed even better than fish or krill oil. All so you can live your best iwi life

Omega-3 Essential

from $14.39

$0.47 Per Serving


Essential fatty acids to nourish you every day

30 servings per container

Easy 1-a-day serving size

A blend of DHA + EPA

Great for a basic daily option

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Omega-3 Sport

from $18.39

$0.61 Per Serving

A higher DHA blend to support post-exercise muscle recovery

30 servings per container

2 softgels per day

Over 650 mg of true DHA

Great add-on to existing Omega-3 routine for extra support

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from $18.39

$0.61 Per Serving

All the benefits of krill oil with zero harm to the environment

30 servings per container

Easy 1-a-day serving size

A blend of DHA, EPA and astaxanthin

Everything you'd get from krill, but totally vegan

Plus contains chlorophyll

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EPA is a long-chain Omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for normal heart health, joint function, and immune response.

76 MG


200 MG


Required for growth and development. The central nervous system, brain, and retina rely heavily on DHA during growth.

179 MG

651 MG

Polar Lipids

A rare natural healthy fat made by our sun-grown algae that provides maximum absorption of Omega-3s.

13 MG

16 MG

23 MG


Chlorophyll is the natural pigment that makes plants green. It is used in supplements to nourish blood, support natural detoxification, and provide antioxidants.

0.5 MG

0.5 MG

1 MG


An unsaturated fatty acid (specifically palmitoleic acid) that helps support heart health.



4.5 MG


Astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant in the carotenoid family. It has a deep red hue and is found naturally in certain species of algae.



0.5 MG

why is iwi life better?

At iwi life, we are committed to delivering nutrition solutions backed by science, made from plants, which don't harm the planet. Simple, but not easy to achieve.




Algae Grown in the USA


see what algae can do for you.

bright outlook

Keep on the sunny side! Omega-3 DHA and EPA play a key role in neurotransmitter production, including those related to mood.

healthy skin

For your best skin, make sure to drink plenty of water and get enough healthy fats. Essential fatty acids are important for soft, dewy skin.

resilient immunity

Your innate immune system (what you're born with) and your adaptive immune system (what you acquire over time) both rely on Omega-3 DHA and EPA.

body in motion

From keeping your joints flexible to promoting overall ease of movement, Omega-3 DHA and EPA are allies to keep moving.

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