Selling Sustainability

Selling Sustainability

Q&A with iwi’s Director of Sales, Lyn Cruz

Q: Hi Lyn! You’ve been in the supplement industry for 15 years and most recently at iwi for 2 years. Why iwi?

Lyn: A chance to REINVENT an entire category with a sustainable alternative sounded EXCITING! I haven’t been disappointed yet.

Q:  Speaking of exciting, 2021 was a year of exponential growth for iwi. How were you able to stay on track with so many marketplace disruptions?

Lyn: It’s all about teamwork. My sales team is best-in-class, nimble and is keenly proactive with marketplace trends. We viewed each challenge as an opportunity and in 2021 we added over 200 retail locations as well as expanded our footprint with larger partners, Sprouts, Vitamin Shoppe and Whole Foods Market.

Q: As a Director of Sales you talk to people all over the country. What insights have you gained in the past year about regional market trends?

Lyn: Regional trends are fascinating. Consumers look for what is personal to them and that sometimes aligns with geographic location. As an example, coastal areas resonate more with iwi’s mission to preserve our oceans while more rural communities resonate with iwi’s non-traditional farming techniques. The great thing about iwi, no matter what the regional trend is, our higher purpose of creating better sustainable options is a common thread that connects the world. 

Q:  When introducing iwi to retailers, what is the wow factor?

Lyn: Nannochloropsis! Nanno for short, is definitely the wow factor. This tiny little wonder is farmed in the middle of the desert, in saltwater and sunshine. I’m not a farmer but I’m pretty sure most crops need a lot of freshwater. Nanno thrives where most crops wouldn’t, it redefines farming.

Q: Pretend you’re riding an elevator with a prospective buyer, and you only have until the doors open to sell them on iwi. What’s your quick pitch?

Lyn: If you knew there was a faster and more efficient way to get to the floor you are heading to, would you take it? They respond with curiosity, “yes.” I’d like to introduce you to iwi, a brand that is doing just that.

We all know we need more Omega-3 in our diet but have an option of the pathway. I’d like to think that most people would say yes to choosing the Omega-3 with faster absorption and a more efficient form. #chooseiwialgae

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