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Omega-3 Essential

Omega-3 Essential

Essential fatty acids to nourish you every day.



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Now you don’t have to choose between what’s best for your body and what’s best for the Earth.

Leave fish and krill in the ocean where they need to be and get your Omega-3 from the same place they do: algae!

iwi life’s algae delivers true Omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids with 1.7X the absorption of fish, krill, or even other algae oils. Plus, we have human clinical research to show that our Omega-3s are absorbed by your cells.¹

Many plant-based Omega-3 products contain only ALA, a short-chain precursor to true Omega-3. iwi life is unique because our algae provides real DHA and EPA Omega-3--the kind your body is looking for--all from plants. ¹Kagan et al Lipids Health Dis. 2013

¹Kagan et al Lipids Health Dis. 2013

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    Benefits of iwi life Omega-3 Essential
    • Heart Health
      Love your heart with iwi life Omega-3 Essential and it will love your back! The National Institutes of Health has concluded that Omega-3 supplements play a role in heart health, especially among people with low dietary Omega-3 intakes.
    • Brain
      Give your body a daily dose of plant-based true DHA with iwi life Omega-3 Essential. DHA is the main Omega-3 fat found in your brain and your eyes, and 90% of Americans don’t get enough Omega-3s from diet alone.
    • Immunity
      Nourish your body with clean, sustainable DHA and EPA Omega-3 from algae with iwi life Omega-3 Essential. Omega-3s play a role in both the innate (what we’re born with) and adaptive (what your body learns over time) immune systems.
    • Joints
      Live your best iwi life with Omega-3 Essential. Human studies with Omega-3 supplementation suggest a beneficial effect on joint comfort, function, and possibly structural integrity.
    iwi life Omega-3 Essential benefits

    why is iwi life better?

    Contains Omega-3 DHA + EPA
    Highest Absorption from AlmegaPL®️
    Krill and Fish Free
    Ocean Friendly
    Plant Based + Vegan
    Contains Chlorophyll
    Krill Oil
    Fish oil
    Plant oils*

    *Plant sources such as flax, hemp, chia, and ahiflower contain a short-chain precursor to true Omega-3 called ALA. They do not provide true DHA and EPA like algae does.

    iwi life Omega-3 Essential softgel
    ingredients 100% transparent

    We’re 100% transparent with what’s in iwi. Learn more about the range of ingredients that power our community by digging into the active ingredients, their benefits and how we source them.

    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • GMP registered
    • Tested for Purity
    • Non-GMO

    Percent daily value based on a 2,000 calorie diet

    † Daily value not established



    EPA is a long-chain Omega-3 fatty acid that is essential for normal heart health, joint function, and immune response.



    Required for growth and development. The central nervous system, brain, and retina rely heavily on DHA during growth.



    An emulsifier that helps maximize the uptake of nutrients into the body.



    Chlorophyll is the green compound naturally found in plants that photosynthesize. It is used as a nutritional supplement and is thought to help nourish the blood, promote gut health, and to support normal immune function. It is also a natural antioxidant which supports stability of our algae oil.

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    frequently asked questions
    How is iwi life Omega-3 Essential better for the planet?
    Since the human body cannot make Omega-3 fats on its own, we need to obtain them from food or supplements. We’ve always had two options: sea life (fish or krill), or plant life (flax, chia, hemp, or ahiflower). Industrial fishing for fish and krill has an ecological impact and removes important species from the delicate ocean food chain. Even harvesting enough flax and chia to provide a supplement’s worth of ALA, the plant-based precursor to Omega-3 DHA and EPA, requires acres of fertile farmland and hundreds of gallons of precious freshwater. iwi life is different because our unique algae strain, Nannochloropsis, can be grown in farm ponds in the desert (using no scarce fertile land) and no freshwater (save it for humans!). Using saltwater from natural underground aquifers and the sun, iwi life algae thrives, making use of untapped resources. What’s more, iwi life’s outdoor ponds allow the algae to naturally capture carbon and breathe out oxygen. Every pound of Nanno algae we grow captures 2 pounds of carbon. Better for the planet. Better for the ocean. Better for you!
    How is iwi life Omega-3 Essential better for my body?
    Because iwi life farms our Nanno algae in the sun, this tiny green wonder plant does something special: it produces its Omega-3 content in a unique form called polar lipids. Polar lipids are both fat- and water-soluble, and human clinical studies show that iwi life Almega®PL provides 1.7X the absorption of fish oil, krill oil, and even other algae oils. Plus, the studies also show that our algae oil makes it into your cells, which not all brands can prove. No absorption = no results, so do better for your body and the planet and choose iwi life.
    Why are these milligram amounts lower than fish oil? Is this enough?
    This is a common question! Because nearly all of the clinical research on omega-3s has used fish oil, the recommendations for daily Omega-3 intake are based on how much fish oil is needed to create benefits. Since iwi life’s algae omega-3 is far more bioavailable than fish or krill oil, our milligram amounts don’t need to be as high for you to achieve your health goals!
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