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Looking for supplements to support total heart health?

Our plant-based cardiovascular support supplements can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels while providing your body with essential nutrients that can be hard to get when you have a busy lifestyle.

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Cross our hearts...providing you with the highest-quality, most effective natural ingredients to support your cardiovascular health is what we love to do! There are many different ways to try to support your heart — whether it’s managing your blood pressure, watching your cholesterol levels, eating a heart-healthy diet, or visiting your healthcare provider more frequently — we know how overwhelming it can be.

That’s why we have our vegan cardiovascular supplements to support your heart — without the fish oil. 

At iwi, we have you and the global community in mind when it comes to creating supplements for your health. That means using ingredients that benefit you and the planet, such as our algae oil omega-3 fatty acids. 

Ready to learn what makes iwi dietary supplements so special for you and your heart function? Let’s get into it.

Shop Our Omega-3 Supplement

One of the easiest and most effective ways to maintain healthy cholesterol is by taking omega-3s. We pack our nutritional supplements full of omega-3s to help not only your heart health — but your eyes, brain, joints, and overall wellness, too.

Ready to take back better living? Check out iwi’s algae omega-3 supplement, made to help you achieve your wellness goals.

Shop Our EPA Supplement

We all need a helping hand once in a while — that’s why we created our EPA supplement.

Each serving nourishes your heart with 350 milligrams of EPA, which can help support a regular inflammatory response, healthy triglyceride levels, and healthy blood pressure. EPA has also been clinically shown to help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. 

Still not convinced? EPA is also suggested to support the health of your arteries. At iwi, we are committed to being your helping hand in a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s providing support for your heart health, eyes, brain, or overall wellness goals –– we want to do it all for you, so shop our supplements now! 

Shop Our Omega-3 Mini Softgels

Sometimes bigger isn’t always better. That’s why we made our omega-3 mini softgels –– it’s still the same powerful omega-3, just in a smaller size. 

We still packed it full of the same fatty acids you need — with 230 milligrams of omega-3s, you can ensure you’re supporting your brain, vision, heart, and joint health

Easy to swallow and just as potent, these little gems pack a punch. Check out our omega-3 mini softgel supplements today.