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Most multivitamins miss out on one key nutrient: omega-3 fats. iwi’s Men’s and Women’s Complete Multivitamin formulas are just that: complete, with our exclusive AlmegaⓇPL plant-based omega-3. Proven to be more bioavailable than fish oil or krill oil, these multis will help you build a better day.
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frequently asked questions
​Why do I need a multivitamin?
Glad you asked. There aren’t many of us who can say we sit down to three home-cooked meals a day, filled with the recommended 5 servings of colorful vegetables and fruits, and wild-caught fish two to three times a week. If we are grabbing food on the run, chances are we’re missing out on key micronutrients that our bodies use to build hormones, balance blood sugar, support healthy immune response, and produce cellular energy. Iwi Complete Multivitamins provide a daily dose of commonly-missed vitamins and minerals, along with Almega®PL, our proprietary form of algae Omega-3, offers 50% better absorption than fish or krill oil and has been clinically shown to increase vigor and vitality.
​When should I take my iwi life Complete Multivitamin?
Good question! Because the vitamins and minerals contained in your iwi Complete Multivitamin are critical for your body’s daily functioning and cellular energy production, we recommend taking your capsules with a meal in the morning so that you can enjoy uplifting benefits.
Can I take iwi life Multi if I’m taking other iwi life products, like Cholesterol, Brain, or Joint?
Yes! iwi life formulas are made to be stacked. Create the custom routine that helps you meet your health goals faster by layering the nutrition in iwi’s focused formulas.
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