Saltwater, Sunshine, and the Future of Food
iWi (pronounced ee-we) means tribe in Maori.

Our name is rooted in our belief that we’re all one tribe on this planet - and a growing tribe at that. Our global population is set to reach 10 billion by 2050 - our current food systems can’t support our population growth without ruining the planet we all live on. We can’t ignore this challenge much longer.

We founded iWi to pioneer a new approach to sustainable food cultivation. Set on arid land and powered by renewable energy, sunlight, and saltwater, our algae farms yield more essential amino acids and vital nutrients per acre and gallon of water than traditional plant or animal based farming. Plus we don’t disrupt marine ecosystems.

This is planet-based nutrition. Join the tribe.

Our Team
Meet the farmers, scientists, food wizards and health nuts of iWi.
Miguel Calatayud

Miguel co-founded two food companies and has 20 years of experience in the food and farming industry, globally. His life’s purpose is to optimize the use of all our planet’s resources to feed our growing population in a sustainable way.

Joel Kennedy

With nearly 20 years of experience having held executive leadership positions and overseeing the growth and development of emerging businesses, Joel is perfectly fit to take on the role of CFO.

Dr. Rebecca White
Senior Scientific Advisor

Rebecca knows we need to be more creative with how we think about food and nutrition. She comes to us with a PhD in Microbiology and is a world-renowned algae expert. She is driven to realize the full potential of this revolutionary crop, a sustainable source that can provide nourishment for people everywhere.

James McGinnis
VP of Sales

With a diverse sales and marketing background from family owned businesses to Fortune 100 CPG companies, James is bringing not only his 20 years of experience leading teams in the health and wellness categories to the table, but his personal dedication to mind, body and global environmental health.

Rick Fenner

VP of Supply Chain

Rick is enthusiastic about our green protein and is dedicated to getting it where it needs to go. He’s an accomplished Executive Manager with 20 years of hands-on experience in Supply Chain Distribution, and a proven track record of positively impacting results and logistics metrics.

Eneko Ganuza, PhD
VP of Research and Development

Unravelling the potential of microalgae often requires the development of disruptive technologies. Eneko's commitment to innovation in this field has been documented by more than 30 international & national patents and 10 peer-reviewed papers, where he pioneered areas such us the mixotrophic production of microalgae, the discovery of a new species and the metabolic engineering of novel tailor-made oils.

Adrian Garcia
Director of Marketing

When it comes to marketing and product development, Adrian knows that innovation is key. With over 13 years of hands-on experience creating new and evolving products for big consumer packaged brands in both domestic and international markets, Adrian is ready to help revolutionize the future of algae-based nutrition.

Jakob Nalley
Director of Agronomy

Over 7 years of experience in algae cultivation and a dual PhD in Integrative Biology and Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior makes Jakob the perfect fit for the role of Director of Agronomy. His passion for optimizing algae productivity and increasing crop resiliency is integral to the Qualitas team.

By Massive Science
"Acres of saltwater pools in the desert are growing an algae food revolution"