Algae Oil Vs. Krill Oil. Which Source of Omega-3s Is Superior?

If you’re familiar with Omega-3s, a valuable fatty acid that the human body needs to function at its best, you’ve probably heard of krill oil and algae oil. These two sources of Omega-3s are commonly found in nutritional and dietary supplements.

But what’s the difference between these oils? Do they really support your health? Is one better than the other? The answer might surprise you!

Why Do I Need Omega-3s?

Omega-3 is an important type of fat that regulates many crucial processes in our bodies.

Before diving into the different sources, let’s talk health benefits.

Heart Health

Omega-3s support your heart health. Two particular Omega-3s, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), support healthy cholesterol metabolism.

Brain Health

Omega-3s also support the health of your brain. DHA is required for normal brain functioning in adults, and is important for the receptor sites for key neurotransmitters in the brain, including those related to mood.

Eye Health

Omega-3s play a similar role in the eyes — DHA can support the health of your eyes, especially as you age. These fatty acids can be used to support your cell membrane structures and nourish your eyes in the long term.

Joint Health

Omega-3 can help support joint health and mobility. Healthy levels of omega-3 in the bloodstream have been shown to promote good blood flow throughout the body, helping reduce stiffness and tightness in joints so that we can keep moving. Omega-3s also help our cells hold onto water content, and when our joints are well-hydrated, they feel more comfortable and are more resilient.


Omega-3s are incredibly important during fetal development. During pregnancy, DHA is highly recommended to support your baby-to-be, especially with their developing brain. These fats can support your health and your baby’s health during pregnancy and infancy.

Now that we know the benefits, let’s compare the sources…

What Is Krill Oil?

Krill are small shrimp-like oceanic creatures, ranging in size from one to six centimeters.


Krill oil is a common source of Omega-3 found in supplements. Though eaten in some parts of the world, the vast majority of commercially caught krill are processed to make nutritional supplements. Krill oil is high in Omega-3s and antioxidants. One krill species in particular is considered a "keystone species" of the ocean, and it happens to be the one targeted for supplement manufacturing. 

The tiny crustaceans help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by eating algae at the ocean’s surface and excreting the Co2 captured by that algae as sediment in the ocean.

When krill are removed from the seas at a massive rate, not only is the food chain disrupted, but this process of carbon removal as well. In fact, some major natural foods stores refuse to sell krill oil supplements because of its negative environmental impact.

What Is Algae Oil?

Algae is a tiny water plant and it is the original source of all Omega-3s on planet Earth! Most people don't realize that fish and krill are only rich in Omega-3 because they eat algae.

One special species, nannochloropsis algae, makes Omega-3s in a unique form which is both fat and water-soluble. This provides maximum Omega-3 delivery into the human body, at a rate much higher than krill oil or fish oil.

What's more, this Nanno (ital. again, please) algae can be grown on algae farms with very little environmental impact. As Nanno algae grows, it captures carbon and releases oxygen.

That means that instead of choosing a form of Omega-3 that can harm the environment, you can actually get better absorption from a source of Omega-3 that helps the planet!

Algae Vs. Krill Oil — Which Omega Source Comes out on Top?

Contains Omega-3 DHA + EPA

Highest Absorption in the Body

Ocean Ecosystem Friendly

Plant Based + Vegan

Contains Chlorophyll

Sustainably Produced

iwi life Algae Oil

Krill Oil

Other Algae Oils




The Bottom Line?

When comparing krill oil and algae oil, algae oil comes out on top. Not only are the farming practices more sustainable and better for ocean ecosystems, but the Omega-3s found in algae oil absorb into your body at a higher rate.

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