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True DHA omega-3 from algae to nourish your brain, eyes, and body.



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DHA is one of the three most common omega-3 fats and is essential for many functions throughout the body, including cognition (our ability to think clearly), motor skills (how our bodies move), and vision. If we aren’t eating wild-caught fish several times per week, we most likely need to supplement our diets with DHA. Many plant foods contain another short-chain fat called ALA, which the body can convert at very small rates into EPA, and then in even smaller amounts into DHA…meaning that it’s easy to come up short of this critical nutrient. Adding iwi softgels into your daily supplement routine is a simple habit to support your brain and body for a lifetime of good days.

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    Benefits of iwi DHA
    • Brain
      You’ve got a good head on your shoulders, so protect it! iwi DHA nourishes the cells of your cerebellum to help you stay clear-minded.
    • Eye Health
      DHA Omega-3 is needed by the retina in your eye to adjust to different lighting conditions. Look out for your eyes by nourishing them with the healthy fats in iwi algae Omega-3.
    • Nervous System
      Nervous System
      Your nerves need DHA Omega-3 to communicate properly. Help your nervous system stay in balance with iwi algae Omega-3.
    iwi life DHA benefits
    iwi life DHA softgel
    ingredients 100% transparent

    We’re 100% transparent with what’s in iwi. Learn more about the range of ingredients that power our community by digging into the active ingredients, their benefits and how we source them.

    • Vegan
    • Gluten free
    • Non-GMO
    • GMP registered
    • Tested for Purity

    DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) 500MG | † DAILY VALUE


    Required for growth and development. The central nervous system, brain, and retina rely heavily on DHA during growth.


    From our partner in Illinois

    Other Omega3s 12MG | † DAILY VALUE


    Unsaturated fatty acids that help support your health

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    frequently asked questions
    Why isn’t this capsule dark green, like my other iwi supplements?
    Great observation! The algae that makes DHA, schizochytrium, does not photosynthesize, so it does not contain chlorophyll, the plant pigment that gives our other products their signature dark green hue. We use it for its amazing ability to produce true plant-sourced DHA!
    If I take EPA already, do I need DHA?
    DHA and EPA are both critically-needed omega-3 fats, and they do play different roles in the human body. In an ideal world, your body can convert DHA into EPA, but researchers tell us that only a tiny fraction of the DHA we consume gets converted into EPA. You can be assured that you’re nourishing your whole body when you take a reliable daily source of both EPA and DHA!
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