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Support a sharp mind and a positive mood with iwi life’s potent plant-based brain nutrients. Two key types of omega-3 fat, DHA and EPA, each help build brain wellness in different ways: DHA is well-documented to be critical for healthy brain structure, making it important during pregnancy and beyond. EPA helps support emotional wellness through metabolic pathways in the brain. Looks like our tiny algae allies offer incredible support for our gray matter, too!
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frequently asked questions
I thought only fish oil contained real Omega-3?
You're not alone! Many supplement shoppers have long believed that fish oil is the only place to get true, pre-formed DHA and EPA, but it turns out the fish were never making Omega-3 in the first place. Fish and krill both get Omega-3 from eating algae! Iwi life delivers the original source of true Omega-3, sustainably, leaving the delicate ocean ecosystem intact.
Who should take iwi life Brain?
Great question! iwi life Brain is a unique formula because it pairs long-term brain health ingredients like Omega-3 fats and phosphatidylserine, an important structural fat for the brain, with fast-acting ingredients that help brighten brain energy right away--B6 and Green Coffee Bean Extract. It’s a perfect formula for anyone who needs to feel focused and alert for their day.
Can I take iwi life Brain if I’m taking other iwi products, like the Multivitamins, Cholesterol, or Joint?
Yes! iwi life formulas are made to be stacked. Create the custom routine that helps you meet your health goals faster by layering the nutrition in iwi’s focused formulas.
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