Stronger Science To Support AlmegaPL®: iwi life™ Heart is clinically shown to support heart health*

Stronger Science To Support AlmegaPL®: iwi life™ Heart is clinically shown to support heart health*


The Results

The recently published clinical trial provides additional support that AlmegaPL®, the primary ingredient in the iwi life Heart supplement, is an impactful aid to support heart health.*, iwi life Heart was clinically shown to decrease triglycerides by 14% and remnant cholesterol by up to 25% over the course of two clinical trials.1,2 In addition to measuring these heart health biomarkers, even though AlmegaPL® is not promoted to support healthy weight management, the study documented a decrease in hip circumference and body weight among participants, which was another exciting outcome of the first trial.1


Why Is This Important?

According to the World Health Organization, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally, with inadequate omega-3 consumption contributing to about half of cardiovascular deaths annually.3 In the US, 95% of us fail to consume enough omega-3s.4,5 Being able to provide consumers with an over-the-counter omega-3 supplement that can deliver such impactful results supporting cardiovascular health is a meaningful step forward in combating this issue.


At the core of iwi life is our mission to offer effective, innovative products that support our health and are kind to the planet. Having our supplement’s efficacy confirmed by a third party and the results published in an internationally recognized, peer-reviewed journal was an important step for us to demonstrate our product's ability to offer significant impacts on heart health.*


Our CEO, Tom Dimke, says “integrating AlmegaPL® in iwi life products—an ingredient with such impressive clinical data supporting it—allows us to bring innovative and effective consumer-ready products to the market with confidence.”


About The Study & AlmegaPL®

AlmegaPL® is the proprietary algae-derived, vegan EPA-only omega-3 that iwi life uses in its supplements. It is farmed and produced sustainably in the US using a non-GMO type of microalgae called Nannochloropsis, which utilizes sunlight to create a unique molecular form of omega-3 that is easily absorbed in our bodies. The improved efficacy allows for a smaller serving size to support healthy omega-3 levels.


In discussing the outcomes, Dr. Eneko Ganuza the head scientist who led the study says  “The remarkable triglyceride-lowering response observed in this clinical trial cannot be solely attributed to the omega-3 content alone. There is something about the unique polar form that carries the omega-3 that proves highly beneficial to our heart health.”


AlmegaPL®  is now clinically confirmed by two independent studies to decrease remnant cholesterol by up to 25 %.1,2 Neither study resulted in an increase in LDL cholesterol, which is a unique benefit of EPA-only formulations, as studies using fish oil, which naturally contain both EPA and DHA, were shown to increase LDL cholesterol.6  This research demonstrates the powerful ability of EPA-only AlmegaPL® to outperform other omega-3 sources to support cardiovascular health*



What This Means

We’ve always stood behind the efficacy of our products, but now with the support of the scientific community, we can say the benefits of iwi life Heart are “clinically shown”. As a company leading with science and innovation, the outcomes of this clinical trial are another step forward for iwi life as we strive to exceed standards every day.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




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